Accountibility at every step

Our legal management program was not designed overnight. With more than 30 years of experience, Stawiarski & Associates, P.C. has developed an accountable and tested approach to managing nationwide legal recoveries.


From complaint to judgment and beyond, we identify specific account challenges to determine the most effective recovery strategy. From the moment we receive an account, we monitor its progress as it advances through each stage of the legal recovery process. We track each file according to expected timelines based on jurisdictional requirements. 


Stawiarski & Associates, P.C. employs experienced in-house attorneys to manage its nework firms, which directly strengthens communication and our recovery success. Our processes are tested, proven and designed to reduce delays and deliver a new level of accountability and performance on delinquent and charged-off accounts.

Our 30 years of tested processes include:

  • Scrubbing and analyzing accounts pre-referral to determine eligibility for legal action including skip tracing, statute of limitations, documentation requirements and bankruptcy review
  • Developing a legal collection strategy prior to referring accounts to network firms. Learn more about our recovery strategies
    Improving attorney performance through rigorous network firm selection, audits and mentoring. Learn more about our nationwide legal network
  • Providing network firms with critical legal milestones and expectations
  • Assisting network firms in identifying debtor location and assets
  • Monitoring account progress utilizing integrated litigation tracking software
  • Utilizing secure and encrypted technology for file referral and sensitive data transmission
  • Pursuing effective post-judgment recovery strategies


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